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Your Home Away From Home

Our chiropractic office has been described as genuine, warm and inviting. We feature adjustment techniques gentle enough for a newborn baby struggling with colic to seniors having difficulty walking without pain.

Dr. Johanna adjusting pregnant mom

Our Practice Difference

Our office is a Webster Technique certified practice. We help women to experience optimal, safe pregnancies while reducing some of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy itself.

Dr. Johanna has specialized training in the treatment of TMJD (jaw pain). She enjoys the respect of top dentists in the area and receives many referrals for high-quality, collaborative care that produces successful and positive outcomes. Postural realignment through Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) is another one of our specialty treatments.

Dr. Johanna is certified in this advanced and research-based technique, which helps to restore balance and centering to the spine as a whole while restoring function and reducing pain. This is accomplished through Mirror Image® adjustments and neuromuscular rehabilitation of the spine.

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The compassionate and skillful care at our location is supportive and patient-centered. Contact us today for an appointment with our Chiropractor St. Petersburg; we’re ready to help!